About me

I live in Turku, Finland and am a photography hobbyist. Also i have done some painting, drawing, and one of my spare time hobbies is making scale models.

I like dogs (well, in fact, I do like all animals!) and the sea, and generally like to spend time in the nature.

Email me: teppo@teppokahtola.net


I started in 1979, when I found my father's (very) old camera, with which I took my first steps in photography. Several years I took only b+w photos, which was a good "school" for me to understand the effect of exposure, contrast etc. Nowadays I shoot only digital, which, I think, is in fact very similar than b+w photography. Now the same things that previously were done in a darkroom, are done with a computer.

Mostly I like to walk in the nature and take shots of various nature subjects: animals, plants, landscape, sky... etc.

I used to have more "heavy" photographic equipments, but nowadays realized that today even smaller ones are more than enough capable for everything I need. It's nicer to walk around with a lighter set of camera. So I recently changed my camera from a hevier Nikon to a lighter Olympus. Very happy with it!


I have always liked art in various forms, I am quite a visual person in that sense. However, I am a bit "picky", although I try to be open-minded for various art forms.

Mostly I like traditional art, especially impressionists and other 1800's artists. I am not so fan of modern art. My own paintings are mostly very traditional, too.

Scale models:

Model building is quite an old hobby, already in the past centuries sailors made models of their sailing-ships.

Today it's a nice hobby for everyone. Small children can build up a model quickly for playing, and more grown-ups will put a lot of effort to investigate model's backgrounds and then spend even hundreds of hours for building up a top quality scale model.

I also enjoy to find out the backgrounds of a model and then try to build it as accurate as I can. However, my models are quite far from those superior ones. I make mostly small scale models (they do't require so much space at home), and that restricts the amount of top detailing. Instead, my speciality is that I combine scale models and photography and take photos of them in their "natural environment". That's fun!

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